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Born to a couturier mother and architect father, Esmee Lim was raised with a passion for design. Museum days and theater nights were the foundation of her childhood and became some of her happiest memories.    


Growing up in Amsterdam, this once club league soccer player always found time off the field to study visual design. She got her BA at the Design Academy Eindhoven, has her degree in Art Direction from the Miami Ad School and currently discovering design for XR  (AR & VR) at NYU.


She has worked in Tokyo, New York and  Amsterdam. Design thinking and finding  solutions for any kind of brief is her nature. She searches for inspiration in pop culture, high fashion and new technology. That is what she loves and stands for.

SCAN ME_ARBIG copy.jpg


Places around the world where you could have found me. Find out where I've lived, worked and traveled through AR.


I make drawings of memorable moments in my life.


A personal story that still motivates me till this day.
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