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Tokyo's Heartbeat


Art Director / Visual Designer



Using SMSB Index we shows different heartbeats reflecting specific emotions, ASICS will launch an emotion-based light show experiential in Tokyo. The SMSB Index and RunKeeper will be used to determine emotions of the runners in Tokyo and project it as a light into the sky. 

How does it come to life?


The RunKeeper app tracks heartbeats as people move/run. SMSB Index data will be used to map the user’s heartbeat to an emotion as a colored wavelength. The emotions will be averaged out and launched as a light into the sky—showing the unified feeling of the city for the world to see.


Personal Tracking

Lights in the city shows the combined emotions of runners in Tokyo. You can view a live stream in the community section of the RunKeeper app.

You can also track close your heartbeat and emotions in the app. 

Digital Screens

As emotional lights appear in the sky, multiple digital displays in Shibuya for example show the SMSB and tell people what emotion each colored light represents. The shoes which can provide SMSB benefits will also appear. 

bil boards-01.png

How is it ownable by ASICS?

ASICS promotes the SMSB philosophy for life.

It can use its unique SMSB emotion data and the sports focus of the Olympics to bring people together in their cities and communities. 

bil boards-02.png

How does it deliver SMSB?

The SMSB Index is the source from which the heartbeats are matched to different emotions. Using emotion data, we will connect people and show shoes that give emotional SMSB benefits.

bil boards-03.png


Every emotion was represented by a different color. Which made it possible to experience the same city in different ways, depending on the waves and color. 

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