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The Fence Font

Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris and Miguel want to raise awareness for refugees in the US with their song

‘I Found You’. A big social issue that should be addressed to the world. Right now, more than 1 million immigrants seek legal citizenship in the United

States, about 300,000 of whom seek asylum.

For their cover album I created the Fence Font and created an AR filter to spread more awareness. 




The Font

The Fence Font is a 3D font that is inspired by th complex situation of refugees. The straight line that divides each letter in two refers to the wall between US and Mexico and the parents and children who get separated from eachother. Each letter is made out of one line so it can be weaved through a fence, a metaphoric place where the refugees are located. They’re stuck between two places.

AR Experience

To promote the song and awareness all around the world you are able to discover pieces of the lyrics throughout your city. This is possible by an AR instagram filter. By pointing your phone towards any fence, a sentence of the song will appear, woven into the fence you're pointing at. 

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