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Tulp Festival Amsterdam

Tulp Festival wants to bring the tulip back to the streets of Amsterdam, with its motto ‘A tulip for every citizen of Amsterdam’ you will find the tulips at more than 40 locations: across the city along streets, squares, in shopping areas, cities parks, and in gardens of museums and hotels.


Brand/Visual Designer


Photos by John Lewis Marshall


The full branding is inspired by all the 3000 different colorful tulips and shapes. 

The three main colors are based on the colors of the flag of Amsterdam. All the additional colors are inspired by all the different and bright colors of the tulips. This is to align with its festivals goal: make Amsterdam look more colorful by planting a tulip for each citizen. 



Tulip Graphics 

The tulip graphics are inspired by each tulip that has its own specific name and shape, for example the 'Pinocchio Tulip' and 'Rembrandt Tulip'. After knowing that one of the tulip species called the 'Festival Tulip' it was a no brainer to design the logo based that species.

*Tulp is tulip in Dutch.


The Challenge

Unfortunately after launching the website and publishing a physical guide to show where the tulips were located, we received multiple questions what exact date the tulips would be blooming.


User interviews

After researching if this was the main question people had and stopping them from coming to the location we had to come up with a solution.



The idea

Since we had to deal with nature's agenda we'll never really now in advance which bulb will be blooming. But what we can do is tell you when the tulips are blooming at that moment! I created different icons to show, if the tulips at specific locations are still a bulb, blooming or withered. 


Implementing Filter Options

To make it easier to plan which locations you can visit at the moment or planning ahead. We created a filter where you can filter on blooming, not yet blooming (still a bulb) or already withered. In this way the map with all the locations will look uncluttered.


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